Ausstellungsansicht Juni 2020, G.A.S - station, Berlin

contemporary constipation: the plastic stares back

site-specific installation of ± 70 crates with assemblages
from packaging materials and other remains of consumption culture

exhibition duration: June 5 – 27, 2020
part of the exhibition series
“Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall”
G.A.S.-Station, Tempelherrenstrasse 22, 10961 Berlin

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen assembles lasting remains of this human alignment towards fast paced consumption in visibly used plastic crates, compartmentalized and arranged on an aesthetic balancing act between abstract and concrete.

„There is a future in plastics“ was a career advice given to Benjamin Braddock in the movie “The Graduate” in 1967.

Today, 50 years after, we get to experience the reverse side of a consumption culture based on an anthropocentric ideology of the feasibility of the world more and more directly.

Efficiency, individual freedom and comfort are enhanced briefly by disposables and packaged portions. Meanwhile, people leave behind a bunch of trash in the spiral of social acceleration. Who wants to stand down today in order to save tomorrow?

“In some cases, traces of the labels can still be found; various packaging materials, found objects, pieces of plastic, small plastic objects are transformed into shapes, figures that stare at you as if they were alive with eyes.” Elisa Asenbaum & Thomas Stuck, G.A.S – station