I am a pluridisciplinary artist, working in the fields of visual, performing and healing arts. I am based in Berlin, Germany, which is also the place where I was born and grew up.

Through my artistic work, I am deepening my experience and I am expanding my horizon of experience. I aim to share this experience as directly as possible with the recipients of my practice, that can be viewers as well as participants. By experience, I mean the physical, somatically attentive experience of one’s own being in the world, which I actively practice and nurture, most recently through a professional training as somatic movement therapist.

I like to work in “unframed” situations, in the middle of everyday life experiences, within which I slightly shift the focus, to generate a field for individual and collective emancipation, in order to fuel the human evolution into the direction of earthly survival and global solidarity. This is my motivation and practice since more than two decades, taking on different shapes and methods, situation-specifically, continuously learning from experience in practice.

In my artistic creative process, ususally, at one point or another, I enter into a specific situation in a direct exchange with an other, often stranger to me, sometimes also antagonistically opposed. Thus, a productive confrontation with non-habitual circumstance arises for both (or all) sides, a clash that can create a conscious publicness.

On making art today, why, responding to Manuela Johanna Covini and in action with Chris Wood, 2016