idiots / toc

idiots / toc

idiots, 2013, 3 min 43, hd

Video shot in Brussels, audio recorded while bicycling in Berlin Kreuzberg


can you think about idiots?
that waste our time, block our ways, spend our last natural resources?
so please take a moment to think about idiots.
do you know any idiots that love their mercedes suv more than their neighbours?
so please take a moment to consider these idiots.
and take a moment to consider your idiocy.
when was the last time that you could (ever?) help someone that you deep inside just loathed?
for whatever reason, just loathed?
so please think about that moment of hate, of disgust, of anger and more.

can you think about idiots? do you think about idiots?

now that i sing in the recording machine
my harmonies are not so beautiful like when i was jamming free
but i was so afraid i would lose this tune.
actually i already lost the tune,
maybe nothing is meant forever
to record
how it changes when i record…
so do you think about idiots?
when you see a mercedes suv or an opel whatever – zafira,
think about idiots, do you know any idiots?
i do know some. some are my neighbours.
and their parents mostly are idiots as well:
egomanic people that don´t care about community
like they care about their own private mercedes suv

toc (tower of consumption)
flight | fight / group exhibit of the bbk medienwerkstatt at the art fair Berliner Liste in Schaltzentrale, Kraftwerk, Berlin

the video “idiots” is integrated in one of the crates (flat screen behind pizza box)