video meditations

video meditations

painting skies
2005-2009, 68 min., mini dv
loop in site-specific installation

I flew to Brazil to paint the sky in oil colours, because of the slowliness.

installation at Sin Bar, Berlin 2009



2013, 15 minuten, hd

In 1999, swimming saved my life. To feel the water surrounding, touching and carrying my body whilst offering an incredible freedom to move, I found grounding in this flux. I thought of making a video, just watching my arms enter and glide through the water in a continuous rhythm. Years later, I revisited that thought as a video.



1999 / digitalized 2001, animated 2008

Double exposed analog 36mm halfframe film in one piece, digitalized and animated.
Images of the botanical garden in Barcelona cross those of a safari park.

installation in LUX, Berlin 2008



2008, mini dv

I paint my hidden smile

eMotion, G.A.S.-Station, Berlin 2008/09