Kunst im Untergrund 2019 Up in Arms (nGbK)

Peace Rug (On what is peace based?)

The global arms race is often justified for peacekeeping reasons, yet the opposite is the case: the sheer existence of weapons is a threat of violence in itself and is a form of structural violence. Stephanie Hanna’s floor poster refers to a Persian carpet or an Afghan war carpet. Its central question »What is peace based on?« is translated into numerous languages and spun into a delicate pattern whose underlying motifs can only be recognized as weapon illustrations at a second glance.

Peace Rug, 2019, Stephanie Hanna

I have been collecting translations of the question “On what is peace based?”, and integrated them in a floor work for the upcoming exhibition “Up in Arms” by nGbK in Berlin. 
The pattern of the “Peace Rug” is based on an image of an array of weapons I found in an online catalogue of a German arms manufacturer — accompanied by the words

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