sense making (circling the lake)

Tuesday, June 16th at 8pm, there will be an online talk on Bedda Radio around excerpts of the video I made last year while being in residence at Garage Arts Platform in Enna, Sicily.

The topics of “sense making (circling the lake)” are meandering around the Lake Pergusa in the middle of Sicily. This might be the place where Hades brought the girl, Kore, to his underworld, where she became Persephone.
In the video, the environmental activist and independent researcher Giuseppe Maria Amato recounts the myth as well as geological and historical facts around the lake. Meanwhile, I wonder, how would a world look like where women and men do have equal rights?

The talk will be held in English, with the participation of Giuseppe Maria Amato, the makers of GAP Enna, Mario Margani and Claudio Renna, and myself. It will be streamed on the channels of Bedda Radio on Facebook and on You Tube

site-specific installation of 67 crates with assemblages from packaging materials and other remains of consumption culture

part of the exhibition series “Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall”

G.A.S – station, Tempelherrenstrasse 22, 10961 Berlin

exhibition opening: Friday, June 5, 2020, 6-8 pm
duration: June 5 – 27, 2020
opening hours: Wed / Thur / Fri 2-6 pm

*** and by appointment ***

„There is a future in plastics“ was a career advice given to Benjamin Braddock in the movie “The Graduate” in 1967. Today, 50 years after, we get to experience the reverse side of a consumption culture based on an anthropocentric ideology of the feasibility of the world more and more directly. Efficiency, individual freedom and comfort are enhanced briefly by disposables and packaged portions. Meanwhile, people leave behind a bunch of trash in the spiral of social acceleration. Who wants to stand down today in order to save tomorrow?

I assembled lasting remains of this human alignment towards fast paced consumption in visibly used plastic crates, compartmentalized and arranged on an aesthetic balancing act between abstract and concrete.

“In some cases, traces of the labels can still be found; various packaging materials, found objects, pieces of plastic, small plastic objects are transformed into shapes, figures that stare at you as if they were alive with eyes.” Elisa Asenbaum & Thomas Maximilian Stuck

Vernissages and events are unfortunately not yet possible at the moment, but visits to exhibitions are possible. To make sure that the visit is safe and as pleasant as possible for everyone, we ask you to observe the current hygiene regulations and contact restrictions:
When entering the exhibition rooms, please wear a nose and mouth protection and keep at least 1.5 m distance to other visitors who do not live in the same household.
A maximum of 6 persons can be in our exhibition rooms at the same time, so that the minimum distance can be maintained.
Individual visits can also be pre-booked in addition to the opening hours of the exhibition. Just send us a short e-mail <> for advance reservation.

The G.A.S – station is supported by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe

Kunst im Untergrund 2019 Up in Arms (nGbK)
Peace Rug at Tempelhof Airport, September 14 2019 – April 9 2020
Art in the Underground: Up in Arms, Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst Berlin

Peace Rug Talk

Saturday, March 28th 2020, 4 – 5 pm CET

On December 14 2020, Torhaus Thf hosted an experimental talk around the artistic intervention “Peace Rug” by Stephanie Hanna happening at Tempelhof Airport. This is an edit of the recording.

Speakers in the talk (English): Alia Zapparova, Klara Bauer, Mona Saddei, Stephanie Hanna

Music: Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Text excerpts (in German and / or English): Wikipedia on Tempelhof Airport (German version, December 2019) online catalogus of Rheinmetall Defence

Concept, realization and editing: Stephanie Hanna

The intervention of the “Peace Rug” at the so-called “Court of Honor” at Tempelhof Airport was realized in the context of the international competition “Art in the Underground 2019” by neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst Berlin with friendly support of Tempelhof Projekt GmbH.

Until Easter 2020, you can still see the actual work on location, directly in front of the main building on the side of Platz der Luftbrücke, for instance, when you have a walk on the airport field.

January 27, 2020 at Kreuzberger Salon:

lightweight luggage for transitioning

associative appropriation of theory
Video presentation and discussion with artist Stephanie Hanna

Since 2009 Stephanie Hanna has been editing video observations of unusual as well as everyday situations in human life (e.g. in work, transportation, representation, livestock farming) and has been putting them in relation to performative audio readings of quotations from theoretical and literary social observations and analyses.

So far, she has digested texts by Judith Butler (butler pop, 2009), Karl Marx (geliebtes ding / dear commodity, 2010), Robert Musil (ohne eigenschaften, 2011), Slavoj Žižek (occupy žižek, 2012), Susan Sontag (weeding sontag, 2013), Michel Foucault (after the other, 2018) and others (quotations of Walter Benjamin and Käthe Kollwitz found their way into windig / windy, 2017, and Silvia Federici is quoted in preparations for a depowerment manifesto — long version, also 2017).

In her current series of videos called lightweight luggage for transitioning, Stephanie is translating some of the keynote lectures that were given at the Nordic Summer University into video works. Those keynotes were held by scholars including Slavoj Žižek, Friedrich Kittler, Hartmut Rosa and Erin Manning among others. This year, the oldest self-organized nomadic university is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Stephanie has been part of its “Study Circle 7 – Artistic Research” since 2016. She has started to publish the video series of talks with participants of the Nordic Summer University online in autumn 2019.

At Kreuzberger Salon, she will present a selection of these videos, including an excerpt of her latest video (still a work in progress) based on Hartmut Rosa’s keynote on Acceleration and Alienation (Resonanz, 2016; Unverfügbarkeit, 2019).

In between the screenings, we look forward to engage in a conversation with you:

What kind of knowledge can be found in these subjectively chosen brief quotations of mostly comprehensive works?
How do you experience the compression of the content in relation to the expansion of the bandwidth of associations?
What is emerging through the performative appropriation of theory?
What is emerging through associating theory to empathetically filmed embodied life experiences?
And last but not least, which references, correlations and insights emerge between the different videos?

The videos are partly spoken in English, partly in German, and partly subtitled.
The talk can be held in both languages.

see also

lightweight luggage for transitioning

How do we trace the shifting relation between a body and an idea? How can we embed the out-of-body experience of an abstract idea in a sensory experience?

Winding back through NSU’s archive of keynote speeches, from AUGUST 2019 until July 2020, Stephanie will search for thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for emancipatory transitioning into solid-ary forms of being and thinking together.

Welcome to a growing video library of embodied thoughts: segments of speeches that once sparked ideas will be re-voiced and overlaid with close, meditative, video observations of everyday actions.

Follow Stephanie’s journey of digging and excavating gems in the most unexpected places and combinations.

From October 2019 until July 2020, on a (more and less) monthly base, a new episode or part of this ongoing series about a collective and audio-visualized thinking process will appear:

How can thoughts help to transition our state of being?

Peace Rug Talk

(almost ready for take-off)

Saturday, December 14th 2019
2-4 pm, Torhaus THF

and honour court, Tempelhof Airport

A collective, meditative and embodied reflection on possible answers to the question, on which grounds is peace based, historically embedded in the location, Flughafen Tempelhof, and musically accompanied by Bernhard Wöstheinrich

At the end of the three-month intervention of the “Peace Rug ” on the so-called “Ehrenhof” (court of honour) in front of the former central reception hall of Tempelhof Airport – which today is a parking lot – there is a last opportunity to explore this artistic floor work on site and together:

 The artist will facilitate an exploration, compilation and collective thinking process in conversation and with somatic, i.e. body-oriented mindfulness practices. How do different points of view and perspectives meet? Taking this floor poster as a metaphorical ground, can something new emerge from these encounters of different characters, in people as well as in lettertypes? The guided walk on the carpet takes about 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the commitment and the weather.

The (multilingual) conversations afterwards take place in the Torhaus THF.

The afternoon will be accompanied by Bernhard Wöstheinrich’s ambient soundscapes. Conversations and sounds will be recorded and published (if desired) in a podcast on THF Radio next year.

>>> The Torhaus is heated, but not yet thermally insulated, warm and weatherproof clothing is highly recommended. There will be tea and warm water bottles.

rsvp on facebook

The „Peace Rug“ is a ground poster that I realized in the framework of the the project series “Art in the Underground 2019” in the context of the exhibition “Up in Arms” by the nGbK in Berlin.

On it, you find translations of the question “on what is peace based?” in 67 languages, meeting each other in a graphic labyrinth, layered over a pattern based on images of weapons sampled from the online-catalogue of the German armaments company Rheinmetall — who decribes those weapons in their catalogue in a cynically downplaying manner as their “family of medium caliber cannons”.

you can find more about the exhibition “Up in Arms” at the nGbK here

where things meet 
(wie es zusammenkommt)

A selection of my video works, curated by Klaus Eisenlohr

Director´s Lounge 
Thursday, November 28th, 2019
9 pm, Z-Bar, Berlin-Mitte

schöneberger art 2019

group show

Haus am Kleistpark | Projektraum

Tue till Sun 11 am – 6 pm

Grunewaldstraße 6–7, 10823 Berlin
Free entry, but not barreerfree

public transport: U7 Kleistpark, Bus M48, M85, 106, 187, 204