leichte Baggage für den Übergang

leichte Baggage für den Übergang

To celebrate its 70th anniversary next year, the self-organized nomadic Nordic Summer University
commissioned artistic / research projects around their historical archive in Copenhagen.

Stephanie Hanna brings her artistic skills to glimpsing NSU’s memories, re-actualizing
the once-spoken that now lies on paper, waiting for a new journey. Winding back through
NSU’s paper as well as living, memorized archive of keynote speeches, Stephanie will search
for thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for emancipatory transitioning.

Welcome to a video library of new voices. Overlaid with diverse routines of everyday actions, speeches
that once flared will trace the ideas and incentives of the past, digging for and excavating gems:

How can thoughts help to transition our state of being?

From October 2019 until July 2020, on a monthly base, a new episode or part of this
ongoing series of a collective and audio-visualized thinking process will appear here:

lightweight luggage for transitioning

episode 1, part 1
featuring Kerstin von Brömssen and Kristian Jeff Agustin